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The basic target is perfect for skills verifications, mass training, and private practice. Useful for the scanning and needle approxiamation of both nervous and vascular structures. Priced with budgetary responsibility in mind the basic phantom will still insure that the new trainee, practice member, or senior member adding point of care ultrasound to their armamentarium achieve the highest level of skill.

Basic Phantom

SKU: 364115376135191
  • This phantom is perfect for training events big or small. Do you run a college or university nursing, medical, or sonography program and need a phantom target? Are you in private practice and want to hone your skills prior to encountering a patient in the theater. If these situations sound familiar consider the Ultrasound Red Goo basic phantom. Each phantom comes with two vascular and one nervous structure. Need a special design? Call or email for a quote today. Please keep refrigerated.